The 4 Most Common Causes of Acne on The Chin – And The Solutions

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Acne can affect anyone: Acne on the chin is widespread. But the annoying impurities can be easily combated – as long as you know what causes acne on the chin. Find the four most common causes of acne on the chin – and practical tips and products.

Cause 1 For Acne On The Chin: Hormones And Stress

We all know it: as soon as the period announces itself, nasty impurities spread on the chin. In the worst case, even a really thick “subterranean,” as it is called. But it’s not only in the second half of the cycle, when more male hormones spread through the body, that we suffer from more acne; stress can also trigger hormone shifts, for example, when cortisol levels rise. Likewise, hormone changes often occur during puberty or after stopping the pill, leading to acne and blackheads.

The Solution:

A balanced lifestyle with sufficient sleep, little stress, and a healthy diet – keeps the hormone balance in equilibrium. When your period is coming up, you can also use salicylic acid peels and the home remedy healing clay (beauty addicts swear by it!) to prevent sebum buildup in the first place.

Cause 2 For Acne On The Chin: Too Much Cosmetics

Skincare helps against acne – if you use it correctly. However, too much care and makeup can also trigger perioral dermatitis on the face. And it shows up as small acne on the chin. This skin condition is also called stewardess disease because flight attendants, in particular, encounter cosmetics a lot. Perioral dermatitis is caused by too much care, to which sensitive, sensitive, and overstressed skin, in particular, reacts. The stewardess disease can also occur as a reaction to many drying, sebum-reducing, and active anti-inflammatory ingredients – with which one actually wants to combat the acne.

The Solution:

  1. If it really is stewardess disease, the only thing that often helps is a so-called zero diet, which means avoiding beauty products and makeup altogether. If at all, only moisturizing and skin-soothing skin care products should be used – but absolutely after consultation with a doctor. If the condition is more severe, vitamin A acid or antibiotics for anti-acne therapy, as also used in acne therapy.
  1. If it is a matter of ‘normal’ acne in the chin area, one should rely on anti-acne care products against bacteria and inflammation. It is essential to have the ‘why’ clarified beforehand by a professional skin analysis by a dermatologist – we recommend suitable beauty products such as cleansers and creams and rule out other skin diseases.

Cause 3 For Acne On The Chin: The Wrong Diet

What causes acne on the chin? Pizza, pasta, party? Let the blood sugar rise sharply – high insulin levels can cause acne on the face because they create male hormones. Male hormones, in turn, cause acne. Dairy products with their lactose are also suspected of causing acne to form more quickly in this context. 

The Solution:

In some cases, a change in diet can result in extreme skin improvement. In general, you should pay attention to a balanced diet and keep the intake of carbohydrates, protein, and fat balanced. In addition, if you have acne, you should find out if there are any intolerances – milk and fructose are the most common. Dermatologists usually recommend three general anti-acne rules for clear skin: “Drink enough water, no alcohol, no nicotine!”

Cause 4 For Acne On The Chin: Unnecessary Habits

Whether at work, during a Netflix marathon, or at dinner – in everyday life, we constantly grab our faces with fingers full of bacteria – and then usually right on the chin. But that’s exactly how we bring bacteria to our faces, which then become infected and cause acne. The same applies to the germ-hating smartphone, which we hold countless times daily to our cheeks, chin, and neck.

The Solution:

Sounds banal, but it’s pretty simple: it’s best not to touch your face so often and remind yourself of this at the beginning with small notes, e.g., with the saying “Keep your hands off your face.” In addition, you should regularly disinfect your smartphone – and if possible, keep it away from your face when using it. That way, acne won’t stand a chance!